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WildBlue High-Speed Internet via Satellite Triples Capacity with New Satellite 03/20/2007
Denver, Colorado — WildBlue announced that it began offering high-speed Internet via satellite service through its new satellite, WildBlue-1, earlier today. WildBlue provides broadband Internet access via satellite to homes and small businesses not currently served, or underserved, by other high-speed providers. WildBlue launched commercial service via the Anik F2 satellite in June of 2005, and currently has over 130,000 customers nationwide.

WildBlue-1 will allow WildBlue to more than triple its customer capacity, making high-speed Internet service available to more than 750,000 rural consumers throughout the continental United States. WildBlue expects that the additional capacity accessible on WildBlue-1 will be available to all areas of the contiguous United States by the second quarter of 2007. WildBlue will also continue to utilize its capacity on Anik F2, alongside WildBlue-1.

"The launch of WildBlue-1 went extremely well, and we are now utilizing the additional capacity that this new satellite provides," said David Leonard, WildBlue’s CEO. "WildBlue is eager to offer WildBlue’s high-speed Internet service to those rural consumers across the United States who have been waiting for an affordable alternative to dial-up."

WildBlue offers fast, reliable Internet service in three service packages to consumers and small businesses across the contiguous U.S. for as little as $49.95 per month. WildBlue features download speeds of up to 1.5Mbps, competitive with other high-speed services available in the market today. All packages include Internet Service Provider (ISP) services such as e-mail and Web space, the WildBlue Portal (featuring the latest news, information and entertainment), customer care, and an equipment warranty. WildBlue‘s equipment is available for $299 and certified professional installation is free.

To celebrate this service expansion, new WildBlue customers will receive one month of any service package free of charge in March and April.

An always-on broadband Internet connection, WildBlue’s service offers access speeds that are up to thirty times faster than dial-up. WildBlue's two-way broadband service provides high-speed data in both directions, upstream and downstream. Customers do not need an additional phone or cable line in order to receive broadband Internet service from WildBlue.

WildBlue’s fast, reliable Internet service is available by calling 1-866-WILDBLUE (1-866-945-3258) or by visiting www.wildblue.com for information on local dealers.

December 08, 2006 - WildBlue successfully launches WildBlue 1 Satellite
Denver, Colorado – WildBlue Communications announced that its Ka-band spot beam satellite, WildBlue-1 was successfully launched this evening at 5:08p.m. EST from the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana. WildBlue provides high-speed Internet connectivity via satellite to homes and small businesses in communities where terrestrial broadband access is either limited or unavailable. MEDIA NOTE: This release will also be distributed in multimedia form via PR Newswire shortly -- including links to video footage of the actual launch of flight 174 and additional satellite animation imagery and photos.

WildBlue-1 was successfully launched into orbit aboard Arianespace’s Ariane 5 vehicle (Flight 174). WildBlue-1 will be put into operational service at the 111.1° West longitude orbital location.

“We are pleased to announce the successful launch of our new satellite,” said David Leonard, Chief Executive Officer of WildBlue. “WildBlue has experienced tremendous growth since launching commercially in June of 2005, and with WildBlue-1, we will soon be able to make WildBlue service available to more than 750,000 rural consumers.”

WildBlue-1, manufactured by Space Systems/Loral, is expected to handle WildBlue’s continuing rapid customer growth into 2008 and beyond. WildBlue launched service in the 3rd Quarter of 2005 and currently serves more than 100,000 customers nationwide with its initial satellite capacity aboard Telesat Canada’s Anik F2 satellite. WildBlue will continue serving customers on the Anik F2 satellite, adding new customers to WildBlue-1 once the satellite is fully operational (expected by March 2007).

WildBlue-1 is a 4.7 metric ton (at launch) high power satellite based on Space Systems/Loral’s 1300 spacecraft bus and provides Ka-band spot beam capacity over the contiguous United States. Spot beam Ka-band satellites are a key component in WildBlue’s low-cost wireless broadband infrastructure. WildBlue also utilizes the Ka-band spot beam capacity over the United States on Telesat Canada’s Anik F2 satellite (as mentioned above), which was launched by Arianespace in July 2004.

An always-on broadband Internet connection, WildBlue’s service offers access speeds up to 30 times faster than dial-up. WildBlue's two-way satellite service provides wireless high-speed data in both upstream and downstream directions. Customers do not need a phone or cable line in order to receive broadband Internet access. Customers should call 1-866-WILDBLUE or visit their local WildBlue dealer to get service.
April 28, 2006 - New Services from 4WildBlue
4WildBlue.com is now proud to begin offering
upgrades with the sale of each WildBlue system. These upgrades will allow our customers to take full advatage of their broadband system with networking equipment, cameras, music systems, and other tools to help your entire household or business work and play better.

4WildBlue.com is also proud to begin offering Free DirecTV upgrades with the sales of each WildBlue system. Internetanal Satellite, 4WildBlue's parent company, has been a DirecTV dealer since the first week of service. In fact, International Satellite received one of the first 100 DirecTV system ever offered to the public. 4WildBlue will continue this tradition by offering nationwide upgrades to customer’s WildBlue systems at time of purchase.

January 27, 2006 - Modem Issues
Dear WildBlue Installer,

There have been some issues with modems. When modems are built, the manufacturer installs the latest software and firmware. Depending on transit and storage time, a modem may not contain the newest version of firmware or software when it is brought to a customer's house and provisioned. When an installer goes onsite and plugs in a modem, it initially syncs with the satellite, and the installer is able to begin provisioning. After the installer has entered the appropriate information duringthe initial provisioning process, the modem reboots and syncs to the satellite for a second time to complete the provisioning process.

In modems with older versions of the firmware, we are seeing the second reboot/sync period take much longer than installers are typically used to thus leading them to believe the modem is defective. There is no need to swap this modem for a new modem; it simply needs to cycle through frequencies until it finds the correct one. WildBlue has informed us that this cycling could take up to four (4) hours to complete with the older firmware in place. Once the modem syncs for the second time, all versions of firmware and software are updated on the modem via the satellite. If installers encounter this issue, they should not attempt to power-cycle the modem multiple times to assist it in acquiring the signal. This will have little or no effect on speeding up the signal acquisition process. WildBlue recommends leaving the attenuation pads and APA in place until the modem is fully provisioned.

NRTC staff and WildBlue's engineering team are actively working on a solution to this issue. As soon as a solution has been tested and verified, we will communicate the solution to all members and installers. In the meantime, NRTC has acquired a list of modem serial numbers that contain older versions of firmware and have not yet been provisioned. We are currently cross-referencing this list with our shipping records to determine how many remain in our Arkansas warehouse and which members have modems with older versions of firmware in their inventory. We will contact those members directly with specific serial numbers.

The Revised Provisioning Process
Prior to powering the modem and before pointing and peaking the WildBlue dish, you must attach the 10dB and 20dB attenuation pads in-line tothe receive terminal on the back of the modem (this is a change in process from where you have previously been connecting the attenuation pads). Once you have the attenuation pads in place at the modem and have connected the receive-side cable to the attenuation pads, you can then power up the modem and begin pointing and peaking the system. The attenuation pads should be left in place until the installer has fully provisioned the WildBlue modem. At that time, the installer can power down the modem, remove the attenuation pads, reconnect the receive cable to the modem and power up the modem.

NRTC To Notify Members With Affected Modems
NRTC staff and WildBlue's engineering team continue to work on a permanent solution to this issue. As soon as a permanent solution has been tested and verified, we will communicate the solution to all members and installers. In the meantime, NRTC has acquired a list of modem serial numbers that contain older versions of firmware and have not yet been provisioned. We have cross-referenced this list with our shipping records to determine how many remain in our Arkansas warehouse and which members have modems with older versions of firmware in their inventory. We will e-mail the designated WildBlue Business Manager directly with specific serial numbers beginning Monday, Jan. 30. If you do not receive an e-mail on Monday, you do not have modems affected by this issue.

January 7, 2006 - FAP
Q. Why did WildBlue lower the FAP levels?
A. WildBlue's satellite-delivered broadband network is a shared network. WildBlue lowered the thresholds to allow the normal WildBlue user better browsing speeds and ensure that all WildBlue customers have an equitable experience across the WildBlue network. Through the initial months, it was discovered that the original FAP levels were allowing some users to possibly influence the browsing speeds of others. To help balance the experience, WildBlue has made this change.

Q. How do FAP levels relate to the "speed" of the WildBlue Service?
A. The FAP Levels indicate the amount of usage any account may have within a 30-day rolling period and the speed indicates a maximum "up to" amount at which that usage may be transported. If the usage limit is exceeded within the 30-day rolling period, the speed is reduced until the usage limit reaches 80 percent of the rolling 30-day threshold.

Q. Why are WildBlue FAP Levels unfair and/or too low?
A. The FAP Thresholds are approximately five times what an average broadband Internet user uses in a month and two to three times more than what our competitors offer. WildBlue strives to offer an equitable and fair access to all users of the WildBlue service and may change the FAP thresholds periodically to ensure a few users do not influence the experience of others.

Q. Can I buy more bandwidth?
A. No. At this time you must adhere to the current thresholds which are:

WildBlue FAP Monthly Usage Thresholds
Value Pak Select Pak Pro Pak
Upload Threshold (MB) 2,300 3,000 5,000
Download Threshold (MB) 7,500 12,000 17,000
However, if a user is being fapped and they have the Value Pak or Select Pak, they can upgrade to a higher package. This does create an opportunity to upsell the subscriber.

Q. When will I become un-fapped?
A. You will become un-fapped when usage falls below 80 percent of your threshold.

Q. How can I monitor my usage daily to prevent being Fapped?
A. You can view your usage in the Admin. Tool under the “Last 30 Rolling Days” heading.

Q. How does the rolling 30 days work?
A. NRTC communicated the FAP changing to a rolling 30 days to our members on Nov. 30, 2005. Everyday, WildBlue measures your upload and download usage (“Actual Usage”) to determine if your total Actual Usage, as aggregated over the previous 30 days (“Usage Total”), exceeds the Usage Threshold for the service plan that you selected.

Q. What if my usage in January is between the old threshold and the new lower threshold? Will I be fapped?
A. In January, you will not be fapped as long as you are below the old threshold limit. But on Feb. 1, if you are above the new threshold, you will be fapped.

December 15, 2006 - CEO Letter
As the year comes to an end, things here at WildBlue have been both hectic and exciting, and we thought it was a good time to share some of our latest highlights with you.

Since WildBlue launched service this summer, things have been progressing very smoothly. We are proceeding with our regional rollouts across the country, and WildBlue is now available in every mainland state through our dealer network and the rural electric and telephone companies of the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC). We currently have over 600 retailers and expect to grow this number to 1,200 by the end of the first quarter of 2006.

Customer satisfaction has also been extremely high, with over 94% of current customers reporting that they are "happy" or "very happy" with their WildBlue service. As you may know, that is an extremely high rating for a service business, especially a telecommunications business that has just launched. In addition, 9 out of 10 of our customers said they would recommend WildBlue to a friend or family member. That high customer satisfaction rate has helped us expand our customer base more quickly than we had anticipated - we will have over 25,000 customers by the end of 2005 even though we are just recently enjoying more complete geographic retailer coverage. Due to the popularity of the WildBlue service, we have seen capacity

constraints in certain areas, however we are in the process of updating our network to match the increased demand in these hot spots, and we should be able to resume full installations nationwide in 2006. Here is one of my favorite quotes from a satisfied local WildBlue customer:"I love my high speed Internet!!! I live 7 miles out of Parker on 40 acres. I was limited to dial up access. Your service is something that I've been waiting for!! The whole installation was very professional, from the phone call to set up the install date, right down to the workmanship." Debbie, Parker CO Our dealers have been both eager and pleased to add the WildBlue service to their offerings:

"For Harrisonville Telephone Company, WildBlue provides a great addition to our broadband service offerings," stated Craig Hern, Vice President of Internet Operations for the NRTC member located in Waterloo, Illinois. "Now virtually 100% of our area, no matter where customers are located, can enjoy the benefits of high-speed Internet surfing. Our customers' satisfaction has been very positive and they are excited to finally have a viable alternative for high-speed Internet access.""Taking on the WildBlue product line has been rewarding and productive. I have seen a great increase in sales and margins by offering high speed Internet service via satellite from WildBlue," said C.Geno, President of Skylynks in Lebanon, NH. "The customers love it!" Our current satellite ANIKF2 is performing very well. Our second satellite WildBlue 1 is fully built, and plans are underway to launch it in the fourth quarter of 2006. WildBlue 1 has been built to handle an extremely large number of customers, and it will help to ensure that we are able to handle 100% of customer demand into the distant future.WildBlue also is renting additional space in our corporate headquarters here in Greenwood Village, Colorado to help maintain the infrastructure necessary to meet the growing demand for our service.2006 will be a very exciting year for WildBlue and our high-speed Internet via satellite business. We look forward to sharing our continued progress with you in the months to come. Thank you for your interest, and on behalf of everyone at WildBlue, I wish you a joyous holiday season, and a happy New Year.

Thank you,

Dave Leonard
CEO WildBlue

December 08, 2005
Denver,Colorado - WildBlue Communications, Inc. announced today that 94% of its subscribers were satisfied or very satisfied with their high speed Internet via satellite service. The company conducted its first customer satisfaction review in mid-November with independent research firms Aspen Media and Market Research and Highline Research Group. WildBlue provides affordable high-speed Internet access via satellite to homes and small businesses in communities not currently served, or underserved, by other high speed providers.

As part of the 94% overall satisfaction rate, WildBlue received excellent scores for installation quality, reliability, download and upload speeds and customer care. According to Tom Burkhart, Senior Vice President of Highline Research Group, WildBlue received one of the highest satisfaction levels that the market research company has ever recorded.

In addition, 9 out of 10 respondents said they would recommend the WildBlue service to a friend or neighbor.

WildBlue's Customer Satisfaction Research survey was conducted November 15th through the 21st by Aspen Media and Market Research and Highline Research Group. The firms conducted 800 interviews with WildBlue customers who were installed prior to Oct. 15, 2005. Results were tabulated and analyzed using standard statistical criteria and the margin of error for this survey is no greater than plus or minus 4%.

"We are overwhelmed with the positive results from our first customer survey," said Dave Leonard, WildBlue's Chief Executive Officer. "We are pleased that we are able to bring our affordable, two-way broadband to people virtually anywhere, regardless of where they work or live, and that our customers are so happy with the service we are providing them."

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